Benefits Of A Home School Phonics Program

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Benefits Of A Home School Phonics Program

23 May 2023
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When you decide to homeschool a young child, it doesn't take long before you realize the importance of phonics. Put simply, phonics is a learning system that teaches your child to sound out their letters and combine the sounds to pronounce words. It's a great tool to help young children learn how to read and write. 

If you're interested in implementing phonics into your child's homeschool curriculum, you should look into a homeschool phonics program. They'll do all the heavy lifting for you, and you can rest assured that your child is getting the valuable phonics skills that will help them become a great reader and writer.

Here are some of the benefits of a homeschool phonics program:


When you sign your child up for a homeschool phonics program, you can choose from many customizable options. For example, if they're struggling with any specific things related to phonics, you can ensure that they're given tools to help them. Phonics homeschool programs are made for children of different ages, so you can also choose lesson plans based on their age.


Flexibility is important when you homeschool a child, because you may need to work around their in-person school schedule, your job, etc. With most homeschool phonics programs, you'll be able to choose the days and times that work best for you and your child. 

Comfortable Learning Environment

Some children have trouble with learning because they don't feel comfortable around their peers. That's even more likely with phonics learning because children feel insecure when they can't sound out words properly. With a homeschool phonics program, they can learn in a comfortable environment and avoid feeling pressure or judgment from their peers. 

You Can Assist Them

One of the problems you face when your child learns phonics at an in-person school is you're not there to help them. Oftentimes, you know what to do or say to help them when they struggle with something, so a homeschool phonics program where you're around to assist them is very beneficial. 

Great for Homeschooled Children

If your child attends an in-person school, you can supplement their learning with a homeschool phonics program that they do after school, on the weekends, etc. If you already homeschool them, you can add a home-based phonics program to their curriculum. They can spend some of their school day focusing on phonics, and the program will do most of the work, so you won't have to be as hands-on during that time.

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