Does your child seem to need more educational challenges and opportunities? Learn the benefits of hiring a tutor to offer extra work.

The Transformative Power of Interactive STEM Assemblies in Elementary Schools

21 May 2024
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In the world of education, finding innovative ways to engage students and spark their interest in learning is essential. One powerful tool that elementary schools can utilize is interactive STEM assemblies. These assemblies not only bring excitement and fun to the school environment but also offer a wide range of benefits for students. Let's explore how interactive STEM assemblies can positively impact elementary schools and why they are a valuable addition to any school's assembly schedule. Read More …

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Private Tutoring: How it Challenges an Intelligent Child

My son was having trouble in school. For some reason, he wasn't getting much out of the classes. All his teachers agreed that he had the ability to absorb the material and participated in class discussions with ease. The general consensus was that the classes were boring to him and he needed a tutor. Thinking that tutors were only for children who were having trouble grasping material, I balked. It took a meeting with a tutor to realize that children who need more than the average class can provide do benefit from the academic stimulation that comes with private tutoring. It did work. Two sessions a week were enough to provide opportunities my son needed. He then found it easier to take his schoolwork seriously and his grades improved. If your child is not challenged at school, hire a tutor. It will be the best move you could make.