About Daycare Services

Does your child seem to need more educational challenges and opportunities? Learn the benefits of hiring a tutor to offer extra work.

About Daycare Services

23 May 2017
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Daycare is a form of child care service for infants and babies. Some daycare services may start taking care of a child as early as twelve weeks of age, after maternity leave is over. The age limit is usually around two years old, but some daycare facilities have toddler rooms for two and three year old children. Some may even include preschool programs for the next age-group. Child care services are essential for many working parents, and it pays to learn something about them. First we will look why daycare is a great choice, followed by components of quality daycare.  

Advantages of Daycare  

  • Affordable. If you are considering different child care options, remember that daycare services are more affordable than, for example, mot nanny care. Different babysitters may be looking for different pay rates, but daycare services are upfront and consistent with what they want you to pay. 
  • Reliable. Unlike a babysitter, daycare is reliable. Even if one of the care providers is sick, the daycare must continue to operate using substitutes or making do with what they have. You won't have to worry about any last minute cancellations.  
  • Regular Schedule. Again, if you are considering babysitters for childcare, scheduling can be a difficult factor. Individual sitters have individual schedules. However, daycare centers always have a consistent drop off time and pick up time. 
  • Social. When you drop off your child at daycare, you may have the chance to meet other parents like you. It's possible to find support, friendship, and networking. 
  • Child Development. Assuming your child is at a quality daycare center, the environment will be good for his or her development. Children have the opportunity to interact with several different adult caretakers as well as other babies around their age. As they develop, they will be offered more activities like free playing, counting, singing, puzzles, or learning games.   

What Makes a Good Daycare? 

There are several aspects that determine the quality of daycare. At a good facility, there will be time given to individual children and their progress as well as attention to group learning and play activities. The daycare staff should always have adequate training related to childhood development. The best daycare centers should be welcoming to parents, allowing them to join in and observe on some days if desired. Ideally, each child should have a primary caregiver rather than relying on many people for basic needs throughout the day. Daycare centers should always use the correct health and safety practices. They should also have small groups with a good number of caretakers, and always provide age appropriate environments.    

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Private Tutoring: How it Challenges an Intelligent Child

My son was having trouble in school. For some reason, he wasn't getting much out of the classes. All his teachers agreed that he had the ability to absorb the material and participated in class discussions with ease. The general consensus was that the classes were boring to him and he needed a tutor. Thinking that tutors were only for children who were having trouble grasping material, I balked. It took a meeting with a tutor to realize that children who need more than the average class can provide do benefit from the academic stimulation that comes with private tutoring. It did work. Two sessions a week were enough to provide opportunities my son needed. He then found it easier to take his schoolwork seriously and his grades improved. If your child is not challenged at school, hire a tutor. It will be the best move you could make.