Does Your Child Want A Guitar For Christmas?

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Does Your Child Want A Guitar For Christmas?

27 November 2018
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Perhaps your child visited the home of a friend of a family member and your child got to play the host's guitar. If so, your child might have known from the very first time he picked up the guitar that someday he would want to own his or her very own guitar. If your son or daughter has been hinting for a guitar on Christmas morning, he or she has solved the problem of what to buy him or her for Christmas. From buying the guitar to arranging for guitar lessons, here are some ideas that might help you.

​Purchasing The Guitar - Is your son or daughter very young, or is he or she an older teenager? That will make a difference when you select the guitar that you will be presenting on Christmas morning. Talk to the clerk at the music store and tell him or her your child's age. Explain, too, that this will be a first guitar and that you will also need to purchase some guitar music. The clerk will more than likely show you easy-to-learn books and maybe books with guitar music that includes your child's favorite songs, say songs by the Beatles. You might even be lucky enough to find a pre-owned guitar that is in excellent condition,

Arranging For Guitar Lessons - When your child opens his or her guitar on Christas morning, won't it be fun to tell him or her that you already have a guitar teacher lined up? That will mean that your child can start lessons right after the Christmas holidays are over, maybe when he or she returns to school. Of course, he or she might want to start sooner than that. If so, consider taking your child to meet his or her new teacher. Besides getting to know each other even before lessons begin, the teacher will more than likely be happy to take the time needed to explain important matters that go along with taking guitar lessons. For example, the guitar teacher will probably tell your child that if he or she wants to become really good, he or she will have to practice between lessons. With or without the guitar teacher's help, think of setting up a practice schedule. For instance, your child might be told that there is no time for television watching or for playing electronic games until school homework is done and until the guitar has been practiced.  

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